Sensual Vs Functional Lingerie Fashion

How does one identify sexy lingerie from, say, common everyday lingerie? While many women find strength, confidence and a sense of identity by wearing sexy lingerie all the time, for the most part sexy intimates are reserved for special occasions where more revealing lingerie styles are desired. In another article, I provide a better understanding of sexy lingerie and how sensual intimates are different. The purpose of this article is to discuss and show specific styles of sexy lingerie.

Bras - Sexy Bra Styles vs. Purely Functional Everyday Women's Brassiere

Women's bra sales represent over 50% of all lingerie and intimate apparel sales. First and foremost the brassiere was designed as a functional garment to support the bust. Many innovations for more comfortable and improved support have been introduced over the years, for example, underwire (and non-underwire) support and textile advancements such as spandex and microfiber. In general, a functional everyday bra is comfortable and provides support with no frills, such as a full cup and full coverage bra.

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Sexy bras on the other hand may provide support; however, function is not necessarily the first consideration when designing sexier bras. The shelf bra, for example, provides little support, however, is among the best selling of sexy bra styles. The push-up bra is another type of more sensual bra style because it lifts the breasts, creating the appearance of greater fullness and cleavage.

While shelf and open tip bras are at the far side of the more sexy range, a plethora of less risqué, yet nevertheless, sensual bra styles exist such as the plunge bra, cut much lower in the front to reveal more cleavage; the backless bra to reveal more of the back; and, the strapless bra to show more of the shoulders. In essence, sexy bras reveal more of the woman's bust, back and shoulders, whether with their design and cut or the fabrics of which they are made, such as sheer and see through materials.

Sexy Panties, Thongs and G-Strings vs. Women's Panties and Briefs

The term 'granny panties' refers to old, greyed non-attractive underwear your mother's mother would have worn. You know, the large, more than full coverage panty made of cotton in shades of beige and bare. Granny Panties serve the purpose of function only, which is to provide a lining between the body and clothing to prevent chafing of the body's more sensitive areas as well as minimize the soiling of clothes.

Sexy panties, on the other hand, provide similar benefits, however, are designed with greater flair, including bright colors, lace, sheer fabrics and other means of sensual adornment. While the panty and brief provide full back coverage for the more modest woman, thongs, French tangas and g-strings reveal more of the woman's buttocks, hips and front. Sales of sexier thong styles have far out-paced panty and brief sales over the past decade as younger generations feel more comfortable and confident in the minimal fabric and coverage provided by thongs and low rise thongs, such as those made by Hanky Panky, touted as "the world's most comfortable thong".

Sexy Sleepwear vs. Traditional Sleepwear

The variety of sleepwear available to women is massive. In additional to traditional long cotton sleep shirts and gowns, women often choose the less alluring, however, comfortable men's t-shirt and boxers or shorts. Sexy sleepwear differs from other forms of evening wear in that it reveals more of the woman's body.

Sexier sleeping attire is designed with shorter hemlines, plunging necklines as well as slit sides and backless designs. Sheer, see through and fabrics that hug and cling provide greater allure by showing more of a woman's curves and features. Shorter and more revealing styles of negligees include the baby doll and chemise.

Bodystockings, Body Suits and Teddies

Many men and women find hosiery body suits and stockings to be extremely sexy, covering the woman from head to toe with sensual clinging fabric, often sheer or translucent to reveal all the beauty a woman has to offer. Sexier body stockings are made of sheer and fishnet fabrics as well as have an open crotch, thong back and/or open bust.

Teddies are a form of body suit that are both leg and sleeveless, covering just the torso. While some teddies do have sleeves for style and appeal, the majority of teddies do not. Like body stockings, teddies typically are designed with a thong back to reveal more of the buttocks and come in snap-closure and crotchless styles.

While there are many forms of sexy lingerie, the primary differentiator between sexier intimates and common every day lingerie styles is the amount of body that is exposed, whatever means may be used, including sheer and see through fabrics, stretch materials that hug and cling, and skimpier designs that are lower cut (or, for that matter, higher cut below the waist) and use less fabric.

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How to Use Sharp Color Contrast in Men's Fashion

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One way to make a dramatic fashion statement is to wear colors that are sharply contrasting. Don't be afraid to express yourself in colors. Colors that contrast are pleasing to the eye if done tastefully. Start with solid colors so as not to create conflicting patterns, such as having a dark pair of pants worn with a bright blue solid color polo shirt. If your pants are solid black your shirt can be almost any color and look great, even the wilder shades such as lime green or pink. Avoid having your shirt and pants in the same exact bright color as that looks more like a clown costume than an exciting fashion statement. You can wear black on black though if you are going for a classic look, then accessorize with a bright color. Black and white make excellent color contrasts as well. There is no need to be limited in your choices.

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A great look can be made of tan chinos and a navy blue dress shirt. The same can be said for a bright yellow shirt worn with dark gray pants. Another fun casual look is wearing a purple shirt with new blue jeans offset with a white belt. One great way to catch attention is to wear a suit that is the same color for the jacket and pants of say light blue, or gray, and wear a bright solid color t-shirt with it. This juxtaposition of the dressy suit with the bright casual t-shirt demonstrates a bit of flair, showing that you could dress up if you wanted to, but instead you choose not to. A super look is wearing all black (pants and shirt) with a bright red vest over it. Dark browns work well with gold and we always have room for more combinations that are expressed as two darker tones such as dark grey with emerald green or black with deep burgundy.

For more formal dress we like the look of the grey suit, dark blue tie, and bright colored shirt. Politicians favor the dark suit, white shirt and dark red tie which is a strong powerful look. The idea is to think of the solid darker color as the pallet to put the splash of bright color on. It works will with accessories when the dark suit is worn with a bright pocket square. The change up of color is pleasing to the eye.

Try to experiment with color combinations that you are not normally wearing. Lay out your clothes and play mix and match to see how many interesting combinations that you can come up with. If your wardrobe is rather drab it will become apparent and that means it is time to go shopping for some colorful things to spice it up a bit. According to the contrast color wheel, there are certain colors that are designated as primary and that have a complimentary color. These are the color combinations that are the most different in terms of the color spectrum. They are red with green, yellow with purple, and blue with orange. You can choose high contrast or you can also soften the shades with pastels for a smoother look. Either way the contrast of colors can be used in a fun way to create a great look.

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